How Rental Property Owners In Salt Lake Should Be Navigating During COVID-19

How Rental Property Owners In Salt Lake Should Be Navigating During COVID-19

The fallout from the pandemic has many landlords worried and needing property management assistance to navigate the unknown.

Do I Need a Property Management Company?

Real estate is a great investment. However, it is important to understand that real estate in and of itself is anything but passive income. In order to generate passive income from a real estate investment it is crucial that you hire an effective property management company in Salt Lake City.  Real Estate Investments as Passive […]

How To Hire A Great Property Manager

Most people who own any type of rental property, from commercial spaces to rental homes, find that hiring a property manager becomes necessary. Hiring the right manager for your property can be a make or break decision.  What a Property Manager Does A property manager usually handles the day to day running of a rental […]

Why You Should Treat Your Rental Property Like A Business

Managing your rental property may not be your primary job, but it is still a business and a source of extra income. It’s important to remain professional with your tenants, keep your finances intact, and perform a thorough tenant screening prior to renter move in. In order to conduct good business, you need to comply […]

How To Set The Right Rent Price

To set the right rent price, we recommend researching your market to learn what the fair market rent price is in your area. Pricing your rental at the rent price that makes sense in your location can mean the difference between vacancies and attracting good tenants so you can rent your property quickly. You can […]