How To Handle Maintenance Requests For Your Rental Property

Today we are talking about how you should handle maintenance for your property, or what you might expect your property manager to do when taking care of maintenance issues. The process starts with the tenant making a request. When this happens, are notified immediately and the owner is also notified. The property owner does not […]

How Rental Property Finances Should Be Handled By A Property Manager

In Utah, the finances involved in a rental property and the recording of money in and money out have to be handled in a specific way. It is very important that landlords follow the procedures in place. A professional property manager in Utah should be able to understand these procedures, so when you begin talking […]

How to Reduce Tenant Turnover

Our conversation today is about how to reduce tenant turnover, and one of the most important things you can do (and the easiest) when working with tenants is to show up when you are needed. If a tenant calls with a maintenance issue, do whatever is needed to take care of it. Responding in a […]