How Do Property Managers Communicate? What To Expect With Your Property Management Company

Communication between owners and property managers is essential.

Different property managers will have different ways of communicating with their clients, so make sure you know what to expect.

Back in the day, we would send letters and notes and since then, we have improved our communication abilities thanks to technology.

Now we use emails and cell phones to get in touch.

There are lots of ways to contact people.

Make sure you are effectively using those tools when it comes to managing your Salt Lake area property.

At Advanced Solutions Property Management, we use technology to our benefit and the benefit of our owners.

We have an online system that allows property owners to log onto their accounts and see everything we are doing.

Not only can they see what is happening, they can comment on it.

This is helpful because if a property owner has a question on a work order, it is easy to leave a comment on that work order and then the comment is immediately shared with the property manager working on that particular property.

They can respond right away.

All of us are available to answer any questions or hear any comments, including myself and the other owner of the company.

But on the day to day operational issues, we make it very easy for owners and property managers to communicate.

The software we use helps you to reach us anytime you want.

Your property manager should also make sure all of your documents are available to you.

You should be able to see applications, walk through and inspection reports, deposit forms, leases and all the other paperwork required with a rental property.

We post those documents to your portal so you can download and view them any time you want.

Our owners see every work order and how much the work costs.

Everything is viewable in our system and with a few clicks you can access the status of each work order.

This is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As I mentioned, if you have a specific issue that you do not think can be addressed by our online system, you are always welcome to get in touch with anyone here to discuss the problem.

We have found that this system has worked well in keeping our owners and property managers connected.

If you have any questions about communication or what is involved in residential property management in Salt Lake, please contact us at Advanced Solutions Property Management.

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