How To Advertise Your Rental Property In Salt Lake

Are you a property owner in Salt Lake City, and want to know how to effectively advertise your rental unit?

The goal is to minimize vacancy and increase your overall tenant quality, and there are four ways to market and advertise your rental property effectively to achieve this.

1. Clean Units Attract Clean Tenants

The first thing I tell people is when you are getting ready to market a unit, you need to really clean it well.

As we say in the industry, “Clean units attract clean tenants!”

It’s going to look better for the pictures, and also look better for showing.

It might seem obvious, but a lot of times we see less than clean units when we take over.

2. Professional Photography

The next thing is an added expense, but we think it’s well worth it– hiring a professional photographer.

For the cost of a professional to come in, and when you reduce your vacancy by just two days, you can usually pay that off immediately. Plus, you can use the photos over and over again each time the unit is vacant.

So hire a professional, have them take some good pictures and you’ll be a lot happier!

3. Base Rents vs. Full Price

The next thing is how to advertise the rent level. What we generally say to folks is make sure you are advertising base rents, and that means to not include the cost of utilities or HOA expenses in your rent.

You want the tenant to be able to compare units “apples to apples”.

If the unit next door is advertising base rent, but you are advertising rent + utilities, the tenant will think they’re getting a worse deal. Then they may go with the neighbor’s property.

4. Online vs. Yard Signs

A lot of times people want signs in the in the yard, and really push to just have your advertising online.

There a few types of neighborhoods where a yard sign might work, like near universities and such, but really what we have found is that yard signs can lead to other issues like vandalism, breaking and entering the vacant property, and other situations.

The people that we’re looking for to rent these places have a smartphone, and that’s how they’re looking for their next rental.

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