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How To Deal With (And Ultimately Avoid) Tenant Payment Issues

Ask any property owner what keeps them up at night, and besides major repairs and market conditions, a common problem is payment issues from tenants. Bob Mack with residential property management company Advanced Solutions Property Management in Salt Lake City shares insights on how owners can avoid payment headaches with a few simple tips. What […]

3 Key Aspects To Consider When Purchasing A Rental Property

Investing in a rental property is a great way to create an alternate stream of revenue for yourself. This could even be a great way to supplement your retirement plan. The thing about rental properties as an investment is that only some properties actually make a good investment. What is it about a property that […]

How To Know What Type Of Landlord You Are

Sometimes you can tell at a glance when a property has a good or bad landlord. A good  landlord manages their property well. This means service and convenience, a well cared for property and usually happy tenants. A bad landlord manages their property poorly and it shows. At their rental property, nothing is getting done. […]

When Does a Guest Become a Tenant?

When Does a Guest Become a Tenant? Whether it’s a property manager or landlord, they both spend a lot of time and effort recruiting good tenants. They use expert marketing, run background checks and establish a full move-in process. One of the biggest disappointments in Salt Lake City property management can be all of that […]