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How to Conduct a Home Rental Market Analysis

Today’s blog will explain how to conduct a rental market analysis on your home. This is a useful tool when you’re trying to determine how much rent to ask or if you’re wondering what kind of rent you can collect if you turn a property into a rental. A market analysis will tell you if […]

2015 Salt Lake City Rental Market Forecast Investor’s Guide

Today, we’re talking about the rental market forecast for 2015 in the Salt Lake City valley. Anyone who lives in the area simply needs to look around and it’s easy to notice all of the cranes. Those cranes are constructing a number of multi-unit buildings. That’s good if you’re looking for a rental but not […]

Should My Rental Lease Include a Pet Policy?

Today we’re talking about pet policies and how you should protect your property from the damage and liability that can come with pets. Many landlords ask us if they should allow pets and our answer is always: Yes. A lot of people have animals and a large percentage of renters looking for homes want to […]

How Much Rent Can I Get for My Rental?

Our topic today is rent levels and what you can expect to get for your rental property in Salt Lake City. This is important information for investors and owners to have before they buy and before they list a property on the rental market. Location Rental prices are just like any other real estate or […]

What To Expect With Maintenance Costs Related To Property Rentals

Today, we are talking about maintenance costs related to property rentals. When owners ask what to expect, we always recommend they plan on five to 10 percent of their annual rental income going towards maintenance. This usually covers scheduled maintenance as well as unscheduled maintenance. Property Age Obviously, the newer your property, the less you […]

What is the Cost of Property Management?

Many landlords want to know how much it costs to hire a professional property manager in the Salt Lake City area. Generally, property management costs will run between eight and 10 percent of your monthly rental receipts. That means if you’re charging $1,000 in rent for your property, the cost of a good manager will […]